Suhail Sharif, MD, Represents Texas with Inclusion into Renowned Publication The Leading Physicians of the World

Surgical oncologist Suhail Sharif, MD, is being honored for his passion and dedication by representing the physicians of Texas with inclusion into The Leading Physicians of the World.  Among his 11 years in practice, Dr.  Sharif has consistently achieved success with all of his patients.

Dr. Sharif maintains his own practice, Sharif Surgical PLLC in Fort Worth, Texas.  He specializes in the field of surgical oncology, the medical branch that involves managing cancer using surgical procedures.  With roots originating in radiation oncology, the two fields often work together to help a patient combat a cancer diagnosis.  A common example of surgical oncology may be the removal of breast or breast tissue to stop the growth of breast cancer (mastectomy).  Melanoma and endocrine tumors are also commonly removed surgically.  Dr. Sharif conducts these procedures at his practice and also with Texas Health Resources.

In 2001, Dr. Sharif received his medical degree from New York Medical College.  He then went to Illinois for his internship and residency at University of Illinois College of Medicine, Metropolitan Group Hospitals, Chicago; before culminating in an oncology fellowship at The Ohio State University.  He is board certified in General Surgery from the American Board of Surgery, and continues to help Fort Worth citizens achieve health at various Texas medical centers.

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You can view the full press release here - Dr. Suhail Sharif's Press Release